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I want to have a presentation website for my business. I want it to be quickly accessible on the internet and to be indexed on the research engines. Also I want to have access on statistics in order to count my web page visitors. My website should represent my business as an online visit card. Generally, these are clients' requirements that I came across in my activity. These few details for a web page creation, supplied by the client, together with some general information lead to a final web page layout.

Although this is the minimum information for the creation of a web page layout, the online environment is full of web pages containing errors and wrong code implementation that lead to a total lack of interest on the designer's side. In other words, the final results are not the ones desired or expected by the client.

Nowadays, Web Design concept is still not fully understood by many web designers, as besides the layout, it also implies some knowledge about other web technologies. All these aspects for the final version of the website are justified by the final price of the project.

As Earl Nightingale said about "Creativity": "Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm", the same happens when the clients are pleased with the results. As web designers, our portfolio represents an online presentation of our work and this is how we promote us by means of the online environment.